Fun in the sun at Cowra, 2009. Merv and Marg in the front, Donna Cameron and Judy Burrell in centre seat, and Don Cameron and John Burrell in the rear.
Don readying the car for his day at the wheel.
This vehicle started life as a 9 seater bus in 1910, doing a daily run from Hamilton to Raglan, in New Zealand. The attachment hanging from the front is a luggage rack.
The rear luggage rack is clearly visible here. It is believed it did this run for 18 years before rolling down a steep incline, suffering extensive damage.
It sat in a shed for some 35 years, before being purchased and restored by George Gilltrap Sr. for his Kirra Auto Museum. It is second from the left in the last row of some 26 high wheelers.
Try getting this comfy in your plastic modern car.
This is one of the most relaxing early cars I have had the pleasure to drive. The 20 to 22 MPH speed seems to eat the miles, and I was surprised how easily it would cover a 100k/60 mile day, and leave so much time for sightseeing. I believe the wheels are still the original fitted in 1910, and they are now at a wheelwright being rebuilt. I hope to do a full running restoration on "George", allowing me to still use it between stages of it's repair. Agricultural? Yes. Primitive? Yes. Motoring at it's most basic? Definately. Enjoyable? No, more then enjoyable! A wonderful experience. This car could really grow on me!
A rather rough train level crossing........